1724 10th STREET, SUITE 120
PH: 916.446.4040
FAX: 916.446.4044
CFY Development, Inc., led by its President/Owner Cyrus Youssefi, is a committed community developer
with over 25 years of experience acquiring, developing, building and rehabilitating
multi-family and
workforce housing.  The portfolio includes thirty-one projects in nineteen cities, with approximately 3,000
units under management. Project sizes range from 10 units to 296 units with development costs from $1.8
million to $38.0 million.  In addition to specializing in affordable housing, the company is also active in
mixed-use and mixed-income development.  CFY Development takes pride in creating diverse and vibrant
communities, and many of the projects have received local, state and national awards.

Since 2002, Egis Group Inc., with President/Owner John Cicerone, in capacity of Co-General Partner and
Co-Developer, has partnered with Cyrus Youssefi on 1,6
05 units of affordable housing across seventeen
projects in t
welve cities.